Corporate Gifting

Recognize those that support your business with our delightful and delicious gourmet gift baskets, gift boxes and gift packs, perfect for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions.

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We offer both standard and custom gift baskets, where you can create your own gift basket from our wonderful assortment of products.

We can produce a signature look for your company, including any of your branded items. From lavish to cost-conscious, we'll work within your budget to create beautiful baskets, boxes or tins.

When it comes to unique gift baskets, Roberts Ferry Gourmet is the place to shop.

Corporate gifting isn't just for the holidays! Give delicious corporate gifts to clients, customers and colleagues to recognize these important  events:


  • Birthday gifts - avoid the holiday gift-giving rush and let them know you're thinking about them all year!

  • Congratulations gifts - recognize stand-out moments in your business associate's lives. Whether a promotion, relocation or winning a piece of business a gourmet gift will be remembered!

  • Thank you gifts - a little something in recognition of a referral or a helping hand that made a big difference!

  • Annual days - If your business celebrates a recognized day, like the Summer Solstice or thank a Doctor day,  it's a great time to let customers and clients know you appreciate them.

  • Milestones of your business - Anniversaries, office openings, winning an award, the reasons to include your colleagues in celebration of success go on and on!

  • Holidays - Stand out from the crowd with handmade gifts filled with our most popular gourmet goodies!

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