River Channel Extra Virgin California Olive Oil


River Channel Extra Virgin California Olive Oil is a wonderful blend of three estate-grown olive varietals, Ascolano, Leccino and Frantoio grown on the gently rolling hills along Lake Don Pedro.

These varietals create a rich, balanced flavor with the fruity rich characteristic of Ascolano, the delicate balance Leccino adds and the sharp, crisp and aromatic qualities of Frantoio. Shady V Ranch and Cellars subscribes to optimal and sustainable growing practices. Using compost, clover and wildflower cover crops to build otherwise rocky and mineral soils into a good growing medium while creating the perfect environment for a healthy bee population. The ranch runs on solar power and cattle graze the property in the winter months.

Roberts Ferry Nut Co. neighbors "as the crow flies," Dan & Vickie Vradenburg, started developing their olive grove on the rolling hills along Lake Don Pedro in 2007. Their passion is to produce the finest quality California olive oil possible through both optimal and sustainable growing practices. Each tree is grown in the best environment possible and receives special year-round care. Their label and Brand “River Channel” is the view from their Vintners Cottage of the Tuolumne River Channel which originates at Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite and flows into Lake Don Pedro.

Roberts Ferry Nut Co. is the exclusive retail outlet of this delicious, small production California olive oil.

River Channel olive oil can be included in any personalized gift basket and is shipped alone or as part of a basket wrapped entirely in protective wrap. Enjoy this local California olive oil in good health!

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