Yosemite Gateway Farms Honey


Linda Monahan, beekeeper and owner of Yosemite Gateway Farms Honey is hands-on with every bee in her hives and every bottle of delicious honey they create. Forged from wildflowers, this honey is pure, raw and strained - never filtered - so all the natural ingredients are still present. Linda takes great pride in the flavor of her creamed honey, which like the rest of her products, is never subjected to high heat.

Explore the different textures of Yosemite Gateway Farms Honey - from delicate creamed honey to the crispy and chewy texture of comb honey - and their range of jar sizes - from 2-ounce mini-bears (adorable!) to their 2-pound pantry staple. And, you can add Yosemite Gateway Farms Honey to any Roberts Ferry Nut Co. gift pack, or choose to include it in any custom gift basket you make in our store or online!